Cofaco is the proprietor of well-known brands that are present in different markets.

Lisboa - Escritório Central
Av. Miguel Bombarda nº 36 10º
1050-165 LISBOA

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Our Brands
The Tradition of a national Flavor
Portuguese Market
Bom Petisco
> Tuna
Transversal, modern and trendy consumption.
Tuna is one of the richest foods as it is an excellent source of proteins of great biological value, of vitamins and mineral salts, with the advantage of being low on saturated fats and a high concentration of Omega-3.
> Specialties/Other Fishes
For those who appreciate delicacies, we have selected the best fish, presenting genuine sea delicacies, easy-to-use.
> Sardines
We have selected the best sardines presenting you the wonderful flavour and taste of fresh sardines, in a variety of delicious sauces.
International Market
Ás do Mar
> Premium Range of Products
The best fishes are selected, from the moment it is captured until the final product is finished; we conciliate the traditional fishing methods with the most recent production technologies, fulfilling the most demanding Quality criteria and an exceptional result is accomplished.
Bon Appetit
> Standard Range of Products
The most complete and diversified range of products is now available in the international market, thus satisfying the most demanding consumer.
> Other Ranges of Products
Mainly produced to the specialized channels of Horeca, retailer and the Palops.